4-Tea Sampler Set

  • 2000

These sampler sets are great for any tea drinker looking to try some fantastic teas. Offered in multiple groupings of teas, you're sure to find something that'll please. Great as a gift for others or yourself!

Each set comes with four 1-ounce samples in a decorative box finished with a silver ribbon. The tea types in each set are (select your set above):

Collection Teas $$
Lizzy's Blends Lizzy's Breakfast Supreme, Moroccan Mint, Herbal Ginger, Sleepy In Seattle $20
Flavored Blacks Blueberry Fields, Earl Grey Cream, Paris Blend, Pretty Peach $21
Flavored Greens Almond-Orange Sencha, Lemon Green Tea, Moroccan Mint, Mango Green $20
Herbal Infusions Chocolate Honeybush, Chocolate-Orange Rooibos, Montana Gold, Sleepy In Seattle $20
Fruity Blends Apple-Pineapple Blend, Berry Fruity, Honey-Almond Blend, Orange Punch $20