4-Tea Sampler Set

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These sampler sets are great for any tea drinker looking to try some fantastic teas. Offered in multiple groupings of teas, you're sure to find something that'll please. Great as a gift for others or yourself!

Each set comes with four 1-ounce samples in a decorative box finished with a silver ribbon. The tea types in each set are (select your set above):

Collection Teas $$
Lizzy's Blends Lizzy's Breakfast Supreme, Moroccan Mint, Herbal Ginger, Sleepy In Seattle $20
Flavored Blacks Blueberry Fields, Earl Grey Cream, Paris Blend, Pretty Peach $21
Flavored Greens Almond-Orange Sencha, Lemon Green Tea, Moroccan Mint, Mango Green $20
Herbal Infusions Chocolate Honeybush, Chocolate-Orange Rooibos, Montana Gold, Sleepy In Seattle $20
Fruity Blends Apple-Pineapple Blend, Berry Fruity, Honey-Almond Blend, Orange Punch $20

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