LizzyKate Drink Rewards -- Terms of Use

Effective: May 26th, 2020


Please read these Terms of Use carefully. By using or participating in the LizzyKate Drink Rewards Program, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Use and any terms incorporated by reference. If you do not agree with these terms, do not participate in the LizzyKate Drink Rewards Program.


These Terms of Use apply to your participation in, and access to the LizzyKate Drink Rewards Program (“LizzyKate Rewards”) which is offered by LizzyKate Enterprises, LLC or its respective licensees, affiliates and subsidiaries (collectively, “LizzyKate”) operating in the United States of America. These terms do not alter any other agreement you may have with LizzyKate for any other products or services. LizzyKate reserves the right to modify or eliminate LizzyKate Rewards and or any or all portions of these Terms of Use or any related documentation such as related policies, FAQs, or guidelines in its sole discretion. Any changes will become effective immediately upon posting at and you agree to waive any right to receive specific notice of any change. Your participation in LizzyKate Rewards confirms your acceptance of the current set of Terms of Use and related rules and policies and that you understand it is your responsibility to check these terms on a regular basis. If you do not agree to the current Terms of Use or any of their related rules and policies, you must stop using LizzyKate Rewards.


Please carefully read our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference, to understand what information LizzyKate may collect about customers and how and under what circumstances it may use or distribute that information and how we may communicate with you.


Please also carefully read our LizzyKate Card Terms and Conditions, which are incorporated herein by reference which may apply to your use of LizzyKate Rewards.


Your LizzyKate Rewards account is personal to you and cannot be shared with any other individual or entity. By participating, you are either 18 years of age or older or have the supervision of a parent or guardian when using your account and that you and any parent or guardian agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.


We offer LizzyKate Rewards in order to thank and incent our customers for their business. As such, LizzyKate makes no guarantees nor warrants that the system will be error-free or available at all times. Also, you agree that LizzyKate cannot be held liable for any damages associated with your use of LizzyKate Rewards and that, for any reason, the maximum damages to which you are entitled by using LizzyKate Rewards under these Terms of Use is $5.00.


You agree that the LizzyKate Rewards Points have no cash value and that the accumulated Points may not be redeemed for cash.


By creating a LizzyKate Rewards account, you agree that you are “opting-in” to receive promotional messages from LizzyKate. You may “opt-out” at any time. However, after doing so, LizzyKate will retain the right to communicate with you for transactional, account and other business-related purposes. You cannot “opt-out” of any promotional messages contained within the mobile app (at




There are two ways to join LizzyKate Rewards:


  1. You can sign-up online at


  1. You can enroll at any LizzyKate location that supports LizzyKate Rewards


The registration process requires that you provide the following information:


  • Your first and last names


  • Your email address


  • Your phone number


You agree to provide accurate information and that it is your responsibility to update your account information in the event that it changes.




The LizzyKate Rewards benefits available to you are based on “Points” that you earn. Points are earned for purchasing drinks in any LizzyKate store. You will earn one Point for every 50¢ (fifty cents) spent, not including applicable taxes, tips, fees (including shipping and handling, gift wrapping and other fees), donations, etc. For example, if, in the same transaction you spend $8.25 on drinks, $8.50 on bagged tea and $15.00 on a tea accessory, you would earn 16 Points (for the $8.25 spend on tea, rounded down to the nearest 50¢).


Points from qualifying purchases are generally added immediately to your account, but there may be delays. While we will make every effort to make sure that your points are available as soon as possible, we don’t guarantee their arrival in a timely manner.


You can also have Points added to your account by emailing with a copy of the receipt showing a qualifying purchase that wasn’t redeemed (only puchases after the official program launch will be honored). LizzyKate reserves sole discretion on awarding Points in this manner.


LizzyKate will continue to issue and honor punch cards. We will only honor one form of Reward at the time of transaction (either Points or a Punch, not both). You can also redeem Points from existing punch cards at the rate of 8 Points per Punch by turning these punched cards in to any LizzyKate store.


You may also qualify to earn bonus points through your participation in promotional events (such as a “Double-Point Day”). Such events will be announced through our mailing lists.


Transactions that are returned or otherwise voided will result in a deduction of the related Points from your account.




We currently offer two standard Rewards Redemption levels:


  • 100 Points – You will be entitled to one Free Drink up to a $7.00 value, including brewed teas, tea lattes, daily iced teas, tea-flights (without a food pairing) and Kombucha on tap (excludes Kombucha Growlers). If purchasing multiple drinks, LizzyKate will apply the Rewards Redemption to the most expensive drink that is $7.00 or less. Drink add-ons (such as Extra Strong or Milk Upgrades) are separate and do not qualify for the Free Drink redemption.


  • 320 Points – You will be entitled to a LizzyKate glass mug. These mugs are branded with the attractive LizzyKate logo and are the same as what we use in the shop to serve up our delicious 12oz drinks!


We may also have additional promotions for LizzyKate Rewards Redemptions. These will be periodically announced through our mailing lists.




This Terms of Use incorporates by reference several other regulating documents. If there is any conflict of between these Terms of Use and any other reference document, the terms of the referenced document shall prevail.


Placing a drink order through LizzyKate Rewards represents a commitment on your part. Your drink order will be placed in our queue and preparation will begin as soon as possible. You agree to both pay for and pick up any order placed under your Rewards account. You also recognize that drinks are at their maximal temperature and flavor at the time they are made and that delays in picking up and paying for your drink may affect your drink enjoyment.


LizzyKate Rewards has no membership fees and Points are strictly promotional in nature and have no cash value.


LizzyKate reserves the right, without notice to you, to terminate any Rewards Account that, in LizzyKate’s sole discretion: 1) violates these Terms of Use or any referenced document, 2) uses deceptive, unauthorized, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful information or practices. LizzyKate may suspend, cancel or combine any account that appears duplicative in its sole discretion. Should LizzyKate terminate your account any accumulated Rewards Points become void.


LizzyKate may terminate, cancel or suspend LizzyKate Rewards at any time, for any reason, in its sole discretion without notice.