Advent Calendar Teas

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Enjoy a new tea or herbal blend every day from December 1-25 with this tea calendar refill set! Re-use your Tea Advent Calendar from a previous year and countdown December with the 2023 teas.

The 25 samples will include teas from all categories of the LizzyKate tea wall: white, black, green, oolong, fruity herbal and other herbals. About 3/4 of the teas are different than last year. You'll receive a note with the recommended order to refill your calendar.

This year you have the option of a refill set with 10 assorted Seattle Chocolate truffles for the larger drawers. On those days you'll have a tea + chocolate pairing to enjoy. Choose the Refill Set with Truffles from the drop-down option. Or you can choose Refill Set for the tea only option.

Each day includes 4 grams of tea, enough to make one large mug or two smaller ones. Plus many of the teas can be re-steeped to savor a second cup. If you will be sharing the calendar with multiple people, you may want to purchase an extra set.

When ordering a refill set, you have two options:

1. Pick up your order at the Kirkland shop with the code CURBSIDE in the discount code. We'll email you when it's ready to pick up.

2. Order a refill set to be shipped to you or as a gift to someone who received the calendar in the past. The refill set will count towards free shipping if you spend $85 in total.

Order your set as soon as possible as supplies are limited!

Note: This product is ONLY THE TEAS and meant to refill your calendar. Also, the picture is from last year's refill set. This year's set will have a slightly different design and 2023 teas.

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