Intro to Puerh Tasting

Intro to Puerh Tasting

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Join us for a Puerh Tasting in the shop on Saturday, Nov. 11 between 11 am - 1 pm. Puerh expert Glen Bowers of Crimson Lotus Tea will prepare two types of puerh in the traditional Chinese gongfu style. While you sample puerh, you’ll learn the differences between sheng (raw) puerh and shou (cooked) puerh.

Although puerh is a new experience for most American tea drinkers, it is a complex tea with a very long history. Join the tasting starting at 11 am or noon and plan to spend 45 minutes tasting multiple steepings of the two styles. The cost is $10/person and can be paid at the event or online in advance (click in the box under Date: above and select Nov. 11 and either 11 am or noon for the time.)

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