Matcha Tea Bowl

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Your choice of traditional matcha bowls:

The Deep Soil bowl is crafted from iron rich soil, which enhances its durability. The earthy grey color of the bowl provides a nice contrast to the jade green of your matcha. The bowl is also dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 5" wide x 3" tall

The Winter Ocean bowl is a winter-style matcha bowl which is designed with a narrower mouth than other matcha bowls. This allows the matcha to stay warm longer. Dimensions: 4.25" wide x 3" tall

The Sweet Camellia bowl is a slightly smaller size matcha bowl. A beautiful, hand-painted camellia flower and leaves decorate the white exterior. Your vibrant green matcha will contrast beautifully with the white interior of the bowl. Dimensions: 4.5" wide x 2.5" tall

The Black Sand bowl has a sandy texture and marbled glaze, which are a reminders of Japan's rich volcanic soil. These are handcrafted with no two bowls exactly alike. Enjoy drinking your matcha from this unique bowl. Dimensions: 4.75" wide x 2.75" tall.

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