Oolong Tea Tour

Oolong Tea Tour

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Oolong is typically a type of tea less known in the US, or if Americans have tried it, it’s from a low quality tea bag at a restaurant. This is unfortunate because oolongs are some of the most complex, delicious teas in the world of tea. Many of our staff rank oolongs as some of their favorite teas. Come discover why we love them so much and learn:

  • the history of oolong tea
  • the factors which influence the finished product
  • how different types of oolongs are processed
  • how this processing affects the aroma and flavor of the teas
  • how to properly steep oolong tea

Prior to the event, you'll receive four tea samples in the mail with instructions on how to steep them. On the day of the event, you're encouraged to join from your kitchen or wherever you have access to hot water (stovetop, electric kettle or microwaves can work too). Together we'll steep two of the teas and later you can enjoy the other two on your own.

The classes are 1 hour long and you'll have time to ask questions and interact with the instructor and other students.

The class fee is $25/person includes the tea, shipping and one hour Zoom call. Contact with the number of people, preferred day of the week and topic preference.

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