Sencha Reserve

Sencha Reserve

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Welcome to Benifuuki Sencha, the next single cultivar and single estate sencha green tea from Japan. Every few months we will offer a different Sencha Reserve for you to experience as a drink at the shop or loose leaf tea to make at home.

Benifuuki translates as Red Riches and Honors. The Benifuuki tea plant cultivar was originally produced to make Japanese black tea; however, the Japanese tea makers discovered that when the tea leaves are processed as a green tea, drinking the tea helps with seasonal allergies. This tea is grown organically on a tea farm in Kagoshima on the island of Fukuoka, Japan.

Benifuuki Sencha Reserve is processed in the "asamushi" style (lightly steamed), rather than the "fukumushi" style (deep-steamed like our popular Sencha Fukamushi). The tea aroma has sweet, floral notes. The steeped tea is a light green with a buttery mouthfeel and mild notes of fresh grass and cherry. Carefuly steeped at 170-175 degrees for 0.5-1 minute, there is no bitterness and it resteeps well multiple times.

Caffeine Content: Medium

Ingredients: japanese green tea [Note: this tea is grown and processed organically, but because our facility is not organic certified, we cannot label it as organic.]

Water Temperature: 170-175° F
Steep time: 0.5-1 minutes
Suggested serving size: 1 tsp/8oz of water

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