Oriental Beauty Bai Hao

Oriental Beauty Bai Hao

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Oriental Beauty is also known as White Tip Oolong due to the silver-tipped, multi-colored, twisted leaves. This oolong is heavily oxidized and medium-roasted.

Before the tea leaves are harvested in the summer, small insects called leaf hoppers nibble on the leaves. This stresses the tea plants producing compounds which create a honey-sweetness in the tea. An important point is that these tea plants are grown in organically controlled tea gardens to keep the leaf hoppers alive. You can re-steep 3+ times and continue enjoying the sweet aroma and roasted fruit notes.

Caffeine Content: Medium

Ingredients: taiwanese oolong tea

Water Temperature: 195-205° F
Steep time: 2-3 minutes
Suggested serving size: 1 tsp/8oz of water

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