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We love the tea! 

However, as much as we love the tea and are super excited to share it with as many as possible, one thing we are not are visual artists.  After all, we're at least passingly sufficient or better at such things as: product selection, operations, technology, customer service, etc., but we don't have as much experience with creating rich and full visual imagery.  I mean, at our cores, we're pragmatists when it comes to this kind of thing.  But that's not how we wanted to showcase the fantastic teas and products we've found in our journeys - they deserve better than pragmatism!

Call in the Artists! 

First we needed a cool logo and all of the related collateral (labels, business cards, product enclosure cards, etc.).  We were recommended to Christa Fleming and she went right to work and crafted our beautiful logo and related materials.  Thanks Christa!  We're really pleased with how this collateral has turned out. 

Then, we needed imagery for our site.  Our friend Beverly Gilbert, who is a wonderfully talented artist and photographer, agreed to help us with our imagery.  It was a lot of fun (and a lot of work), but we're really pleased with how it's coming together.  Thanks Beverly!  While a few of the teaware products shown on our site are from our vendors, most of it was taken by us.  It's been a great way to get really close with the products. 


We hope you like what you see!

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