Tea Plus Cheese Pairings

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Tea and cheese pairing
As you may have guessed, we enjoy pairing tea with different types of foods. This month we hosted a Tea + Cheese flight at our tea shop in downtown Kirkland, WA. Participants were able to pair five teas with fives cheese for a total of 25 combinations. The teas were White Peony, Sencha Fukamushi, Ti Kwan Yin Imperial, Kenilworth Ceylon and Yunnan Imperial. The cheeses were brie, parmesan, goat cheese, mozzarella, and cheddar.

Surprisingly, the consensus among many of the participants was that the goat cheese paired well with most of the teas. The creaminess and tartness of the goat cheese balanced well with the earthiness and/or sweetness of the teas. Another favorite pairing was the brie and Ti Kwan Yin. Again the brie’s creaminess brought out sweet notes in the oolong.

We encourage you to try pairing LizzyKate teas with cheese you have at home when you want an afternoon snack. Or gather some friends and ask each one to bring a favorite cheese and have a Tea + Cheese party at your house or an afternoon tea at your work place. Bon Appetit!

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