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We're getting there... I got the monthly subscription handler put on to the site today!

We've had a very busy week of photography and image editing as well as receiving a bunch of new product for sale and getting those ready for the site. With 31 great teas and 26 products - all of which we use or would be delighted to use or give to friends and family as gifts - it's really getting exciting.  Maybe the most unbelievable part is that there are still tons of teas that we're evaluating; we hope to have the number we carry doubled to 60+ by or before the end of the year!

In order to "go live" we need the labels that we're going to be affixing to our tea bags.  There will be two labels per bag - a permanent one (see right) and a more plain, removable one - removable so that you can transfer it to a tin or other container that may be more convenient for you (although our bags are a good option for long-term storage, the one thing that we've discovered about them is that, if you get more than 10 or so of them in a cupboard, they can be a bit unruly to manage).  For this, we're getting in some air-tight, light-tight tins that we recommend for convenient tea storage.

Anyway, our labels are shipping to us as I type this! I can't wait to see them - the proofs look awesome (thanks again Christa!).  Once we have those, then we'll launch the website to the world!

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