Thanksgiving, Turkey and Tea

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OK, I have to admit I never thought about serving tea at Thanksgiving until this year. But the more I think about it, the more it makes sense. Black tea and oolong go well with appetizers, and fruit teas and herbal infusions pair well with dessert.

Plus tea is a great option for teenagers, designated drivers and those who don't drink alcohol. You can cold brew some tea the night before for those who prefer cold beverages but don't want the calories of soda and thirst for something with flavor. Here are some tea recommendations divided by caffeine and non caffeine.

Teas with Caffeine: serve with appetizers, dinner and to keep you awake post-turkey while you watch the big | Earl Grey cream

Black and Oolong tea:

  1. Kenilworth Ceylon - Ceylon is one of my favorite types of black tea. This Ceylon tea is from the Kenilworth tea estate in Sri Lanka.
  2. Earl Grey Cream - a delicious blend of citrus and vanilla.
  3. Ti Kwan Yin Oolong - at a tea and food pairing class, oolong went well with dried fruit and soft cheeses.

Black tea blends:

  1. Blueberry Fields - black tea with dried blueberries, it's popular with teens and great cold brewed.
  2. Hot Cinnamon Spice - this tea would nicely compliment pumpkin pie and other rich desserts. 

Teas without Caffeine: serve with dessert and before you go to sleep so you're well rested for Black Friday shopping 

  1. Apple-Pineapple Blend - a tangy, yet sweet, blend of apple pieces, carrot flakes and pineapple cubes is wonderful with sweet desserts.
  2. Honey-Almond Blend - this mix of apple, almonds and orange pieces goes well with fruit pies and cookies.


  1. Sleep Well - the chamomile, spearmint, lemon balm, valerian and lemongrass in this tea help with sleep and digestion.
  2. Chamomile - a calming tea with deep body and citrusy sweet flavor.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy your turkey and tea!


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