Spread some Holiday cheer with Tea Cocktails

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Last week we hosted our launch party and invited over a bunch of family and friends to help us celebrate. Of course, we had a number of different teas for people to try and they all seemed to enjoy them.  We also had three different cocktails that we put out and many folks asked for the recipes. Here they are: | Tea Cocktails

Blueberry Bomb

  • Equal parts Grand Marnier and Amaretto
  • Add approximately a 5-to1 ratio (mix to your taste) of cold brewed Blueberry Fields
  • Add a generous splash of grenadine
  • Add a less generous splash of Rose's Lime Juice

Arnie's Slice

  • Gin
  • Add approximately 5-to-1 ratio of cold-brewed Earl Grey
  • Add approximately 1.5-1 ratio of lemon juice (ratio  to the gin, not the Earl Grey)
  • Add sugar to taste, but if you're making a pitcher, start with at least four teaspoons.

Pirate's Booty

  • Rum
  • Add approximately 5-to-1 ratio of Irish Breakfast
  • Add approximately 2-to-1 ratio of milk (ratio to the rum, not the Irish Breakfast)
  • Add a generous splash of Amaretto
  • Add sugar to taste, If you're making a pitcher, start with at least two teaspoons.
  • This is great both Hot or with cold-brewed Irish Breakfast!

Drink responsibly!

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