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Clouds and Mist green tea
In a recent Specialty Tea Club package, we included the normal one ounce of each of the three teas. Plus we included a sample of Green Clouds and Mist Supreme which is a premium grade of Green Clouds and Mist (one of the three monthly teas).

We recommended that tea club members make a cup of both types of green tea. To do this type of comparison with any two teas, try to use to same amount of tea and water temperature (for this tea, 170-180 degrees).

As you’re making and tasting the tea, pay attention to:

  1. the dry leaf shape, color and smell
  2. the aroma of the infused leaves
  3. the color and aroma of the two teas
  4. the taste of the teas

As you drink the teas, think about which you prefer. Which do you want to drink more of? Which do you think is more expensive? In the case of these two green teas, if you were to guess the Supreme, you'd be correct. The Supreme has a fresh, slightly sweet taste and a smooth body.

To develop your tea palate, we encourage you to do side-by-side tastings of similar teas and notice the subtle, and not so subtle, differences between the teas. Another interesting group of teas to compare would be breakfast blends such as:

We hope you try your own tea comparisons and enjoy your tea journey!

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