July in Kirkland

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LizzyKate sign

After the months of design plans, construction, and moving, we're happy to be in our colorful tea shop! Every day brings a new mix of friends, family, new customers, and regulars.

Here are some pictures from the first weeks and customer quotes that brought a smile to our faces.

This is the BEST tea I have ever tasted. ~ Cody, age 7 after trying Fruity Mango

Look at all the flavors. This shop is like the Baskin Robbins of tea! ~ Sheerya

You will be happy to know that my two boys are now accusing each other of hogging all of the iced tea. I think I might have to get them their own pitchers for college! ~ Brenda

LizzyKate tea store

It was wonderful to see the store in person and see you in action. The store turned out absolutely stunning. ~ Jessica 

I love the shop and more importantly, the tea, and I really haven’t been much of a tea drinker. I really think it is such a healthier alternative to most of what people drink and is super refreshing on hot day. When my 13 year old is enjoying it instead of pop, it makes me very happy! ~ Ben

I knew it was going to be a great tea place when I saw the cool tile going in. I love how it all turn out. ~ Downtown Kirkland resident





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