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Welcome to spring! This month we’re highlighting the category of white tea. White teas are the least processed of all teas. After picking, the tea leaves are spread out to dry, rather than processed like other types of tea. Some white teas are dried naturally in the sun and some are dried in specially prepared rooms.

Subtle, sweet and vegetal flavors are the common characteristics of white teas. As a result, white teas make a great base for tea blending because they don’t overwhelm other ingredients such as herbs and dried fruit. Some of our favorite white tea blends are:

When steeped for a short time at a low temperature, a white tea can have a low amount of caffeine. If steeped for a longer time at a higher temperature, more caffeine will be released.

In addition to tasting great as a hot tea, white tea blends make a refreshing cold-brewed tea. Try preparing different white tea blends both ways and see which you prefer. Our recommendations for cold brewing are:

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