Intro to Herbal Blends

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This month we’re focusing on herbal blends. Also known as herbal infusions or tisanes, herbal blends are not technically teas because they aren't made from tea leaves. Instead they're made from flowers, spices, seeds and other botanical ingredients.

Since ancient times, herbals have been used to treat illness and provide relaxation. They're popular with people looking for a warm, relaxing beverage without caffeine. Chamomile is a well known herb for drinking before bedtime either on its own or in a blend. We carry:

We recommend using boiling water to steep herbals and often for longer periods of time than true teas in order to extract as much flavor as possible.  Besides tasting great as a hot drink, herbal blends can also make a refreshing cold-brew drink. Again you may want to douse them with boiling water before adding cold water for cold brewing.

There's a wide range of colors and flavors among herbal infusions. Some are mellow in color and taste, and others have a vibrant depth of color and flavor, especially blends that contain rosehips and hibiscus. In the mellow category, we recommend Sleepy in Seattle and Herbal Zen. In the vibrant category, our popular blends are Cranberry Hibiscus and Orange Punch.

This month we’re featuring our newest herbal blend called Mother’s Blend in our May specialty tea club in honor of Mother’s Day!

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