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Greetings from the LizzyKate construction office! After months of negotiations and planning with landlords, architects, designers and contractors, and approvals from the landlord and the city (still working on the Health Department, but that's very close and not yet due), we finally began constructon last week!

As some of you may know, we are converting the space from a cafe style service to a tasting room with tea bar. We're doing this so that we'll have not only the ability to sell our teas and related products for making tea at home, but also so we can provide service in the store, with a strong focus on learning and exploring tea.

So, with the able assistance of our architect/designer, we are turning this:


into this:


Last week they started demolition, taking out the old service counter and soffit for lights that accented a now-gone product table:



We also needed to go through the floor to get drains and incoming plumbing and electrical to the new counter, so last week we imaged the floor to make sure we wouldn't hit anything important to the building structure!

And this week, we drilled holes for plumbing and electrical service to the new counter,

and we also have framed in the new walls and tasting bar:

Electrical and plumbing will be coming in over the next few days!

We are still hopeful to hit our target build completion date of June 17th. This will hopefully allow us to open our doors sometime the following week.

Happy Sipping!

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