Who is LizzyKate?

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As you can imagine, it’s difficult to come up with a unique, memorable name for your business. We decided early on that we didn’t want “tea” in the name in case we expanded into other products and tea become part of a bigger mix.

We also felt like a lot of tea companies have masculine names and we wanted a feminine, yet modern name. So we took two classic names, Elizabeth and Katherine, and modernized them to make LizzyKate. But there’s a little more background to the story. Which version do you think is the real one?

  1. LizzyKate is named after British royalty (Queen Elizabeth and the Duchess Kate).
  2. LizzyKate recognizes that we have LOTS of Elizabeths and Katherines in our family (including: Elizabeth Katherine, Katherine Elizabeth, Amy Elizabeth, Elizabeth Ann, Ann Elizabeth, Elizabeth Eugenie, etc.)

The truth is that it's a combination of both of the above but more #2. Elizabeth and Katherine are special names to us in many ways, and we like how the modern twist on these traditional names makes a fun name for our modern take on the traditional world of tea.

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