Donate Tea to Local Healthcare Heroes

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Donate tea
We hope you are staying healthy and enjoying tea during these tough times.
Today we're launching a campaign to provide tea to local healthcare heroes. We hope you, our tea community, will partner with us in this project. For every $10 donation, LizzyKate will provide two healthcare workers each with a 1-oz package of tea and paper tea bags to make 8 of cups of tea. Donate here.
The back story: recently, our neighbor who is an ER doctor ordered large amounts of tea on  She promised she wasn't hoarding the tea but rather giving it to her ER team. We asked if we could donate some additional tea to her team and she was grateful for the offer.
Her response and recent news reports prompted us launch this campaign. We will be reaching out to other healthcare teams. If you are a healthcare worker or know of a local organization we can support, email us and we will follow up.

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